This Hilarious Writer Skewers Smug Rich People Who Give it All Up to Travel

Not everyone buys into the legitimacy of those envy-inspiring life choices.

At first blush, it's easy to envy those people who give everything up to travel the world... and then humblebrag about their life choices on social media. Who wouldn't want to bail on all their responsibilities to live a simpler life, and see the world at the same time?

Well, not everyone is buying into the merits of such life choices — the whole thing is highly controversial among communities of actual travel writers and other professionals. And now one (hilarious) writer is calling B.S. in a new humor piece for The New Yorker that has us cracking up over here.

"On paper, my life seemed great. I had a dream job, a swanky apartment, and a loving girlfriend. But something was off. I couldn’t bear being chained to my desk in a stuffy office any longer. So I decided to quit and travel the world, bringing only my passport, a small backpack, and my enormous trust fund," writes Joe Veix.

The narrator characterizes himself as "a free spirit, whose father owns a South American rubber empire."

He then describes bailing on all of his worldly possessions (which will be easy to re-buy with his massive inheritance when he needs them later), dumps his girlfriend with a text message, and sets off in business class to see the world and find his true calling.

He has life-changing experiences... even helping a man with some extra cash. Of course, soon after, that man is mugged for it — but the narrator imagines the man is simply being "playfully tossed to the ground" by a friend.

He does find it hard to get reliable cell service, and finds only a limited number of places that will accept his Centurion card, frustrations that can feel "even harder than the corporate grind." That said, though, he knows he made the right choice.

"That [ordinary] life style isn’t for me," he writes. "Maybe I’m just a crazy dreamer who also gets a monthly no-strings-attached $60,000 deposited into my checking account, but I won’t be tied down so easily."

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