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One-of-a-Kind Photo Gifts the In-Laws Will Love You For (We Promise)

Earn a place in their hearts forever.

Shopping for the parents of your Significant Other can be enough to send you straight for the eggnog (with brandy). You want to show you care, but not be overly showy, and an expression of your impeccable good taste is key. Sure, gloves and earmuffs could do the trick — OR they could sit unused in a dusty bin, and at family gatherings you will begin to wonder why you never see your in-laws wearing them. Like, what is so wrong with some nice earmuffs (cashmere!) and a quality pair of leather gloves?? And then over time the feeling will fester, and you’ll begin to have second thoughts about the spawn of such ungrateful types — oh, it happens. And one day your significant other won’t feel so significant anymore, and after a few indelicate remarks, you’ll find yourself alone on the holidays with the eggnog and credit card statements of years past.

But this could all have been avoided. There is a perfectly sensible, no-fail gift that your in-laws will love and that will immediately grace the mantle, tree or wall: a photo gift! Why? Because it includes a picture if their cherished progeny. Oh, sure, you’re there, too, and they don’t mind you. But a nice photo with sonny boy will always be well received. Have kids? Even better! Throw in one for your own parents, and your holiday shopping is that much closer to done.

Canvas Print

Go big with a canvas print and turn any wall into a gallery wall — especially well-suited for beaming children in beachy locales or you and S.O. with the furbaby. They’re going to love it. Miles of choices!

Foil-Pressed Photo Art - Kindred

Turn any photo into an instant keepsake. These hand-printed art prints from Minted are pressed with real gold, silver or rose foil. And there are an amazing array of designs to choose from.

Custom Photo Book

A custom photo book will live on the coffee table forever. Remember to include lots of flattering photos of THEM and they might even decide to chip in for the down payment on your dream home.

Custom Notebook

Let me guess, they still have a landline phone? Well, of course they need a nice little notepad to keep near it for messages and because they are still very analog. Why not one with a photo you guys? Always good to keep up your profile and not let the other daughter-in-law get all the attention.

Gold Isla Bracelet

There’s jewelry, and then there’s jewelry with pictures of grandkids. Full stop.

iPhone Custom Photo Case

How about something to go with a tech upgrade? Finally, they can Facetime! Okay, that’s good and bad.

Heart Snapshot Mix

This custom collage weaves a whole heap of family photos into a work of art. Do they give out awards for best gifts? You win.

Custom Wall Calendar

This lovely wall calendar is printed on quality card stock, and you can personalize it with family birthdays and anniversaries. Wanna bet they save it when the year is out?

Custom Photo Mug

This will without a doubt be the first mug they reach for in the morning.

Custom Framing – The Aiden

Eyeing a plot of real estate on their gallery wall? Framebridge lets you literally frame your heart out with endless options. Fit in, stand out, your choice!

Glass Round Photo Ornament

It is the holidays after all. This photo ornament is sure to last through the ages — and now so will your relationship!

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