Orange Juice Is About to Get Harder to Find and Much More Expensive

Think fresh-squeezed orange juice is pricey now? Brace for serious sticker shock.

If you're in the habit of downing O.J. when you feel a cold coming on, you might want to stock up on that powdered vitamin C stuff this year instead. Experts are projecting a major orange juice shortage ahead.

Bad weather and diseased crops have led to a terrible orange harvest this year—the worst in Florida in more than a century—and the USDA estimates that up to 14 percent fewer oranges than usual will be on the market.

So guess what that means: Yup, the orange juice that will be available is likely to cost noticeably more. The question is, how much will people be willing to pay to score some?

The orange juice shortage comes at a time when the orange industry as a whole is seeing leaner days. Orange juice from concentrate sales are on the decline due to decreased interest, and orange juice sales in general are at an all time low.

Since O.J. has a ton of benefits, from improving immune system function to lowering cholesterol, we hate to see it fall on hard times.

And just think of all the adult drinks you can make with O.J. in all its delicious forms, even orange juice from concentrate. No word on whether an OJ-and-Grand-Marnier slushie will help you fight off that winter cold, but we're sure willing to give it a shot.

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