Q: What Is an Otter’s Favorite Halloween Candy? A: Hershey’s Fishes!

We’re here all night, folks!

Have you ever seen an otter go trick-or-treating? Us neither—until today, wherein we discovered that otters going trick-or-treating look a lot like regular humans going trick-or-treating. (Basically, it’s utter chaos. [Otter chaos? Ugh, sorry.])

Aaanyway, the Oregon Zoo decided they needn’t wait until October 31st to give their river otters some Halloween treats. The caretakers carved a small Jack-o-lantern, stuffed it full of fish, closed it back up, and—voila!—the otters went completely nuts trying to claw their de-fish-ious snacks out of the pumpkins. (Honestly, they look a lot like us digging through our pumpkin pail, trying to find a 5th Avenue candy bar.)

Lest you think this seems cruel, fret not: It’s actually an enrichment exercise for the otters! The puzzle challenges their problem-solving skills and the fish treats reward their hard work. It’s a very happy Otterween indeed!

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