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Butterfly Flits Into an Otter Den—And What Happens Next is Completely Mesmerizing

Trust us: This is the best thing you'll watch all week.

We just threw away our TV because nothing will ever entertain us as much as this group of otters watching a butterfly. In a scene straight out of an “Amazing Animal Friends” calendar, a bevy of otters watches as a pretty white butterfly flits into the scene. For the next solid minute, the otters are riveted, watching it jump about as if they were watching a tennis match between Venus and Serena Williams. They are as entirely captivated by it as we are captivated by watching them watch it.  Their joy! Their wonder! Our joy! Our wonder! It’s all so precious our hearts are exploding!

(Cut to us tiptoeing back out to the garbage to get our TV. The Real Housewives of New York really has been bringing it lately and we don’t dare miss the next episode. What if Luann D’Agostino falls into another bush?!)

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