Everybody Stop Talking About Cat Cafés. They're Done. It's All About Owl Cafés Now!

We've got news and that news is OWL CAFES.

It's 2017: Time to get hip to owl cafés.

What are owl cafés, you ask? You’ve surely heard of cat cafés, where people visit, play with, and often adopt cats while also being given the opportunity to enjoy a nice, flaky croissant and/or skinny latté. Well owl cafés are exactly like that, except instead of cats, there are owls. Sometimes life is simple like that.

Love cats though we do, hanging out with them is hardly an exotic experience. Everyone’s pet a cat at least once in his or her life. Owls, though? How many times have you had a great horned owl perched upon your shoulder? How frequently does your finger graze the soft feathers atop a barn owl’s domed head? Never, right? Because America.

The sad fact is that the U.S. has a grand total of zero owl cafés. But go to Japan, and things are different—the adorable birds of prey have become so popular you can hardly stumble down a bustling Tokyo street in your Noritaka Tatehanas without passing at least one owl café.

Visiting an owl café is a truly singular experience, one that’s hard to describe without invoking dream logic. Instead of trying to explain the experience, we suggest you imagine one or more of the following scenarios to get an idea:

  • Having your own personal Hedwig from Harry Potter
  • Starring in a new Studio Ghibli movie made just for you
  • Holding in your hands the inspiration for the necklace that caused that Kelly Bensimon drama a few years back

Alternately, just scroll through photos taken at various owl cafés in Japan below.

We are friends!

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Hanging out with Bob. 🦉 #owlcafe #tokyo @pendletonwm

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Enjoy your holiday.

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めんめんの愛で方❤️ #ふくろうカフェ #仙台 #OWLcafe #めんめん #キュン死に

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This is an heavy owl #貓頭鷹 #OwlCafe

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coco the owl & paulina the human ❤️ #owlcafe

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Big, fluffy, and utterly relaxing #原宿 #takeshitastreet #かわいい #フクロウ #owlcafe

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Unforgettable memory for kids.

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Akiba Fukurou ❤ #akibafukurou #owlcafe #akihabara

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