How to Quit Your 9-to-5 and Travel the World with Your Dog: A Brief Tutorial

Marina Piro just makes it sound so easy.

Ever have one of those mornings where your alarm goes off and you’re snuggling with your dog and as you slowly blink your eyes open, you’re just like, “UGH, I wish instead of going to work I could just go on permanent vacation with my pupper…”?

Whelp, Marina Piro is a twenty-something from Italy who had the follow-through to do just that, and she is making us insanely jealous in the process.

Piro went from “Normal Person With a 9 to 5” (a.k.a. you) to a self-described “full-time nomad." No, she is not a rich kid being funded by her parents; she is an extremely industrious worker who decided to go freelance—writing, making jewelry, working seasonal jobs—to live her dream of traveling. She’s now effectually scouring the world with her best friend, a rescue Labradoodle named Odie. “I was not planning on getting a canine companion,” Piro writes. “But when I saw him, it was love at first bark.”

Adding to the pair’s wanderlusty life is their trusty van named Pam, a rusty old Renault Kangoo that Piro transformed into a charming, dog-friendly home on the road. “I decided to convert a van, as it would be the easiest solution for me to travel with Odie. I wanted to travel, but that’s not easy with a dog.” Piro told Lonely Planet Travel News.

Although she makes it sound easy, Piro actually taught herself every element along the way—from learning how to convert a van, to learning how to travel Europe with a dog, to learning how to make money as a freelancer on the road. (She now shares her tips on

Piro is proof that you can do quite literally anything if you just, y’know, decide to and then commit to working out a whole lot of logistics. Intense though it may sound, you, too, could ride around in an adorable van with your dog, visiting England, France, Germany and Italy!

Keep up with Piro and Odie on their beautiful adventures @pamthevan91.

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