Forget the Resolutions and Eat These Awesome Pancakes Now!

Pancake brunch just went next level.

After a week or two of holiday excesses, we’re not quite ready to get all virtuous with our breakfast choices. For this back-to-work week, we're thinking pancakes, lots and lots of pancakes, in all kinds of flavors we've never even dreamed up before. Now that's a resolution we can definitely keep.

1.  Peanut Butter Cup Pancakes

Obviously the best way to go over the top with breakfast is to make it feel like dessert, as in these peanut butter cup pancakes from the Minimalist Baker. They're super guilty looking but actually vegan and gluten free, so how bad can they be... right?

2.  Greek yogurt pancakes

Pancakes will feel less like an empty indulgence if you up the protein quotient. There’s lots of ways to do this, but one is adding Greek yogurt into the batter, as in this recipe from The Pioneer Woman. The recipe calls for plain Greek yogurt, but you can always switch it up with your favorite yogurt flavor, say blueberry or strawberry, and bring in a bonus fruity element.

3.  Low-carb vanilla pancakes

These low-carb pancakes via The Big Man's World are made extra-fluffy thanks to egg whites.

4.  Pumpkin pancakes

Spicy Southern Kitchen’s pumpkin pancakes with bourbon vanilla maple syrup highlight the flavors of the season (who says pumpkin is just for fall?), and add in cinnamon, ginger, allspice and nutmeg for an extra boost.

5.  Eggnog pancakes

Here's your excuse to keep eggnog around even after the holidays: It makes a great pancake ingredient. Cooking Classy’s boozy eggnog pancakes include two cups of the stuff. Here's to keeping the party spirit going strong all year long.

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