Party Foul! Olympian Gets Sent Home From Rio for Getting Super Drunk

It was far from all work and no play.

If you were wondering, partying hard and getting drunk in Rio will get Olympians sent right back home to anywhere they may have come from. How do we know? Because that's exactly what happened to Dutch gymnast Yuri van Gelder this week when he treated himself to a wild, drunken night out on the town Saturday night and into the wee hours of Sunday morning. 

The Netherlands Olympic Committee was so embarrassed over the whole sloshed-Olympian debacle that they not only called Yuri right back home (and pulled him out of his events), but released a statement on its website about it.

"This behavior is unacceptable," shared spokesperson Maurits Hendriks. "That does not belong to participation in the Olympics or any sporting event whatsoever."

Harsh words for a guy who just wanted to get drunk on his once-in-a-lifetime athletic vacation to Rio, right? Unfortunately, wrong, because Yuri as a long, torrid history with being a party boy (great for vacation, bad for getting medals). In 2009 he tested positive for cocaine use, which disqualified him from participating in the 2012 Olympics. Both recreational and performance drugs are, for the most part, banned at the Olympics. 

Yuri, baby, just have a seltzer and do a face mask next time, okay?

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