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How to Make 4 Awesome & Quick Pasta Salads for Fourth of July Potlucks

If you're like us, you've done it again: You've signed up for a pasta salad, but have no fear.

Out of sheer inertia, you've signed up yet again to bring a pasta salad to that 4th of July potluck. But you can't stand making the tired old pasta salad you've brought for years on end, and you're fresh out of ideas. The online recipe options are giving you a headache. But hey, you love pasta salad! Everyone does! That's why you keep bringing it, right? Here's your solution: Watch this two-minute Tasty video, and emerge with four sparkling new and totally doable spins: Italian Pasta Salad, Taco-Style, Spinach-Artichoke, or our favorite, Asian Peanut Pasta Salad. Better yet, bring two of these, and be invited back for the rest of your life (although maybe just sign up for a six-pack of beer next year).

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