This Dating Site for Dog Adoptions Guarantees True Love

We're looking for short, dark, and long-eared.

Finding the right life partner is very similar to finding the right dog: You need to be compatible, you need to have a special connection, and you need to feel ready for a major commitment before you take the leap.

So it’s actually pretty surprising (albeit totally ingenious) that PawsLikeMe is the first dog adoption site that takes the matching-and-compatibility approach of a dating site.

Just like joining OkCupid or Match, you start by taking a personality quiz. There’s the “Quick Match” option where you select your activity level, preferred type of party, a word to describe yourself, and dream dog personality characteristics. Or there’s a longer “Full Quiz” (which still only took us about five minutes) that asks Briggs-Meyer-esque questions: “Are you more caring or logical?” “Are you more rule oriented or tolerant?” “I prefer a quiet evening at home to a social outing with friends: Agree or disagree?”

After filling out the quiz, we were matched with 321 dogs in the tri-state area, filtered by compatibility percentage. Our top match (93%!) was an adorable Vizla/Weimaraner named Helga, available for adoption just 10 miles away. The results told us everything from her rescue organization to her age, color, breed, size, coat, and house training status. There were even status updates from her most current foster home so we could understand how she was fitting into a family full-time.

And just like OkCupid’s algorithm, PawsLikeMe gives you segmented compatibility match score ratings to compare yourself with the dog on energy, focus, confidence and independence.

The thrill of finding such amazing dog matches felt similar to finding potential good dates. (Okay, we lie, it actually felt a jillion times more exciting.) And because you’re connecting with the dogs on a deeper “she-fits-into-my-life-perfectly” level (rather than just “OMG SHE IS SOOOO CUTE”) it will hopefully spur more meetings, more adoptions, and more lifelong connections. (Which is more than we can say for Tinder.)

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