Junk Food Review: New Peanut Brittle M&Ms Actually Taste Like Something VERY Different...

What did we just eat?

Hey! Hi. It is officially the holiday season, which means it’s time for nostalgic sighs, stretchy pants, and stomping all over each other’s Sorels to get the best deals on Smart TVs.

It also means lots of new limited-edition candy is hitting the shelves, usually with a minty or nutmeggy bent.

So we were pleasantly surprised when we found out that this season’s limited edition M&Ms flavor was something a little surprising — seasonal, yet perennial; classic, yet contemporary; unexpected, yet obvious — peanut brittle! (Stylized “Peanut Brrr-ittle” because Mr. Yellow M&M is very cold in the snow, as he is not wearing a proper coat.)

Listen, we love peanut brittle. It’s salty! It’s sweet! It’s chewy! It’s crunchy! It’s got all the flavors and textures we look for in a candy. And then shoved inside an M&M? Forget about it! What could be more delicious?

Unfortunately, the Peanut Brrr-ittle M&Ms (only available at Target) taste absolutely nothing like peanut brittle. Even though you can bite the candy in half and find a whole peanut inside, there’s no trace of peanut flavor (or butter, or sugar, or any other basic tenant of the recipe). Instead, it tastes exactly like an M&M filled with a liqueur... some kind of cross between Amaretto and Drambuie.

Are we complaining? NO. Alcoholic M&Ms are the best idea since Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Turkey. However, these are advertised as Peanut Brrr-ittle, and therefore taste like disappointment. If Mars would like to rebrand this flavor and rerelease next year as Booze M&Ms (“Melts in your mouth, also melts your lucidity?"), we’d give ‘em a rave review. But as they stand, we must sadly declare that they’ve missed the mark. 

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