So Crazy, It Must Be True: Somehow, a Dozen Prisoners Used Peanut Butter to Break Out of Jail

Say what now?

We've heard lots of crazy stories about inmates escaping from prison. They dig tunnels. They fashion homemade ladders. They impersonate undercover FBI prison inspectors. They craft fake heads out of plaster and human hair. But we've never heard of inmates using *peanut butter*—that innocuous staple of children's sandwiches—to get out of jail free (for a few hours, anyway).

Apparently, a dozen inmates escaped from an Alabama jail by somehow using peanut butter to change the number above a jail cell. (Huh?) They then asked a new, inexperienced guard to open the door to the cell, but instead gave out the number of a door that led to the outside, as reported by CNN.

"They changed the number over the door with peanut butter," Sheriff James Underwood said in a press conference. "(Then) they hollered, 'Hey, open door' so-and-so, but (the number the inmates gave the worker) was the outside door. And unknowingly to him, he hit that lock and out the door they went," he explained.

The dozen inmates fled, removing their orange prison garb and using blankets to scale a razor-wire fence, according to Time. Eleven inmates were captured within eight hours, but one remains at large.

The inmates had apparently hoarded peanut butter served in the cafeteria to pull off their escape. "They love peanut butter sandwiches," the sheriff said.

"It may sound crazy, but these people are crazy like a fox," he added.

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