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Great Dane Puppy Doesn’t Have Long to Live, So Her Human Films Her Growing Every Day

No YOU’RE crying.

When a filmmaker named Dave Meinert rescued a great Dane puppy from a backyard breeder, he had no idea what he was in for. The dog—whom he named Pegasus—was particularly striking because she had a nearly all-white coat, but did not have albinism.  

Unfortunately, this type of “designer” color breeding (sometimes referred to as “Double Merle” or “Lethal White”) also results in deformities. Many “lethal whites” suffer from hearing loss, vision loss, and shortened life spans (the latter often being a result of bad breeding).

Furthermore, most of Pegasus’ siblings had died after birth or were already deformed, foretelling a bad future for the sweet young dog. So Dave decided that, given her physical difficulties and potentially short life, he would document their every day together.

The resulting video shows a young playful pup learning how to walk on a doggie treadmill until she slowly evolves into a full-grown Great Dane who deeply loves and trusts her human.

Go on and watch. We dare you to not cry. 

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