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Shelling Out Big Bucks For a Proposal Planner Is Now a Thing

Some people are popping the question with a lot of extra effort.

Now hiring a planner for just your wedding proposal is a thing.

New Orleans based proposal planner Stacey Asaro, who owns Project Proposal in the city, created her business a year ago and now can’t keep up with demand. The 29-year-old Louisiana born entrepreneur tells Personal Space that she was struck with the idea one early morning at 3 a.m., and hopped out of bed saying she knew what she had to do.

“My parents own a wedding reception facility, so I was always around that and I always asked the girls ‘how’d he propose?’ and it was always a horror story,” she laughs. “It always started off with an ‘ugh.’ So, I decided I needed to help these guys.”

Stacey says since her business has started expanding, men from all around the world are calling her to come to New Orleans to get engaged. She mainly works in her own city, although she plans to open in more cities across the U.S.

“They come from Chicago, Manchester, [U.K.] it’s a full day for them,” she explains. “I’m pretending I’m the hotel concierge, I’m picking them up, I’m an actor basically setting up a surprise.”

So what exactly do the proposals involve?

“Whatever we can dream up, it’s collaborative,” she says. “I recently did an ‘Up’ themed proposal, a “Harry Potter’ themed proposal. One guy who was with his girlfriend for eight years and she was diagnosed with brain cancer. She survived,he said I want to do it big. I had a personal shuttle pick them up, bring them to a plantation tour, they had dinner, a horse drawn carriage pick them up, they’re favorite song playing. Inside the carriage was a photo album of them. I had tons of candles around the fountain. As he proposed, fireworks went off. That was pretty extreme."

Sometimes, whoever is proposing will reach out three months prior, sometimes Stacey has just 24-hours to pull off a miracle. To make it easier, she works often with Southern Oaks Plantation and has restaurants who are regular vendors.

“I’ll send them a questionnaire and I’m ask how you met, what’s sentimental to you guys, I’ll get a hint and have a creation,” she says. 

Stacey always has a photographer hidden, and says her packages run form a quick setup for $600 to an all day adventure, for $1,400.

“That includes an elaborate dinner, the whole shebang,” she says. 

She plans to expand, saying the proposal planning requests are more than she can handle for her one-woman company. 

“It’s insane, I can’t keep up,” she says. “I’m jam packed. I have to turn people away.”

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