People Have So Many Thoughts About This Photo of Jessica Simpson's Daughter's Hair

Can we all settle down, please?

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Nothing brings out Internet trolls and Instagram mom shamers quite like dyeing a child's hair (Drew Barrymore knows this all too well). Now it's Jessica Simpson's Instagram of her family on Halloween that's proving a teeny, tiny bit controversial with this crowd. 

Somehow, people were able to look past the utter awesomeness that is Jessica Simpson's on-point Willie Nelson costume, beard and all. Commenters zeroed in on Simpson's daughter Maxwell's hair in the photo. Maxwell, a natural blonde, seems to have dyed her hair a brunette shade to go along with her adorable Belle from Beauty and the Beast costume. 

Instagram commenters wrote things like "Why would you color your daughters hair at such a young age??????????????????????" and "Did you dye her beautiful blonde hair?" 

Is it a wig? Is it spray-on hair color? The singer didn't respond to any of it, and fans jumped to her defense too. One commenter wrote: "There’s some truly horrific stuff going on in this world but you are going nuts over a bit of hair dye. For crying out loud!"

For the record, Simpson just posted pics of Maxwell three days ago with her hair looking every bit of its natural color.

The blonde seems to be back, no harm done! The only thing that's permanent is this too cute family Halloween photo. 

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