People Think This Nasty Phrase Is a New Tourism Slogan — And They Like It

It's working.

How would you respond to a tourism slogan that seriously pushed the boundaries of decency? Well, there's one such slogan out there in the world... and people are all about it. Only thing is? It's fake.

See, the folks in Australia's Northern Territory noticed a logo circulating the internet with this message: "CU in the NT." (And if you don't get why that's cheeky right off the bat, Google it.) It seemed like the tourism board was making a joke — and a rather naughty one at that.) 

But it turns out it's not even real: After the image began to trend, the tourism authority came forward to say it has nothing to do with it. 

The group who made the logo and is hawking it on merchandise goes by the name NT Official. A rep from the company told Mashable, "We are a fronted by a guerilla group of people with the aim of promoting travel awareness to the Northern Territory region." 

But that's not all just fun and games. They didn't just steal a logo, but stole official tourism board images for their own use, which is pretty illegal. 

Government officials say they will respond... starting with a sternly worded letter.

In the end, though, people seemed to love the campaign — fake or not — and that's good for the region no matter what. The NT has been struggling to draw tourists since 2000.

Anyway, while it might shock Americans, Aussies use the c*** word regularly when they swear

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