We're Not Sure If This Cat is Doing the Mannequin Challenge on Purpose or Not…

Is it really a Mannequin Challenge if the cat never moves anyway?

Okay so we are all sick and tired of the Mannequin Challenge. We’ve seen dogs do it, we’ve seen sea lions do it, we’ve seen Britney Spears do it like five times now.

But we’re going to present you one more MC vid (that’s what we’re calling Mannequin Challenge videos now), as presented by @Officially_Shelby.

If you’re uninitiated, Shelby is an Instagram-famous Persian cat and self-declared “relatable cat model.” She also has a perma-present tongue and a proclivity for sitting perfectly still, making her both a perfect MC vid subject and kinda-sorta something of a cheater. As Shelby says, “I’ve been doing the Mannequin Challenge since before it was cool.”

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