Men Holding Puppies Are 24% Sexier; Women Holding Cats Are Less Intelligent

Anyone else sick of science?

Think about the last time you were scrolling through Tinder (or someone else’s Tinder, you lucky relationship-haver). Left, left, left, left, left, pause, eh he’s okay but…left—record scratch. HO’D UP. DUDE WITH PUPPY?! Swipe right, puh-lease!

Petsies conducted a survey called Pet Perceptions: Do animals influence the way we look at people? They asked 1,000 Americans to rank their perceptions of characteristics (attractiveness, sexiness, trustworthiness, intelligence, etc.) based on what type of animal they were holding: Puppy, small dog, medium dog, large dog, kitten or cat.

While some of the results were to be expected—dogs are more associated with loyalty than cats, for example—others may have you rushing to rearrange your profile pics (or borrowing someone’s Beagle for a photoshoot!).


  • Men holding puppies were seen as 13% more attractive
  • Women holding medium-sized dogs were 7% more attractive


  • Men holding puppies were 23.8% sexier
  • Women holding medium-sized dogs were 6.9% sexier
  • …and women holding cats were negative 0.1% sexier


  • Men holding puppies were 14.4% more trustworthy
  • Women holding small dogs were 8.9% more trustworthy


  • Men holding puppies were 7% more intelligent
  • Women holding medium-sized dogs were 6.1% more intelligent
  • …and women holding cats were negative 0.7% intelligent

So, in general, bad news for cat ladies and good news for men with puppies (just double check those captions for “Not my dog.”). Here’s a more comprehensive breakdown of how the pets affected viewers’ perceptions of the people:

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