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We Dedicate This Piano-Playing Chicken to Everyone Who Gave Up On Piano Lessons

If piano's so hard, then how's this chicken so good, hmmmm???

Perhaps you have a child who once yearned to play piano. Or perhaps it was you, yourself—it was the ‘90s, you were super into Ben Folds, and all you wanted was to be a virtuoso of the ivories. Either way, you’re intimately familiar with sinking hundreds of dollars into private piano lessons only to confront the difficulties of the instrument before abandoning it altogether.

Well listen, we’re not here to make you feel worse or anything, but THIS CHICKEN CAN PLAY PUCCINI ON THE PIANO SO YOUR ARGUMENT IS INVALID. This flawless performance of “O Mio Babbino Caro” will make you cry—not just because you’re mourning your dead dreams and your lost funds—but because it is such an innocent and beautiful display from an animal typically seen as mere poultry. (Oh, and it’ll probably make you a vegetarian to boot.)


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