Aaaaaaaand Follow: Pizzatoru the Monkey is the Only Bushbaby You Need on Instagram

Those eyes deserve ALL the double taps.

We know, we know: We tell you about a lot of different animals you should be following on Instagram. Guinea pigs who ride around in tiny strollers. Geckos who have plush gecko best friends. Cats who look like Erika Girardi-slash-Erika Jayne.

But this time we mean it. If you must only follow one animal account on all of Instagram (although we think that is a pretty rotten rule), it should be Pizzatoru the Galago monkey, a.k.a. a Bushbaby. His eyes are wide, his ears are huge, and man oh man does he love pizza. (Bushbabies: They’re just like us!)

The unusual animal lives in Japan where ownership of the species is legal. (Don’t even think about trying to pull that in America.) And even though the pizza-loving primate isn’t even a year old, he has already garnered over 25K Instagram followers. (And if you want our opinion, he deserves about 8 million more.)

Just in case you need further convincing (and because we just feel like spending a good hour trawling Pizzatoro's profile), here are some highlights from li'l monkey's feed.

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