This Pizzeria Is Giving Customers a Free Extra-Large Pizza If They Hand Over Their Gun

A local business owner thinks his idea is worth a shot.

What are people willing to do for a free pizza? An extra-large, piping-hot pizza fresh out of the oven? One pizzeria owner is hoping his customers will be tempted enough, they'll be willing to turn over their guns in exchange for a giant pie. 
As Donald Dancy, owner of D & C Pizza in Indianapolis, explained to Fox 59, the neighborhood around the pizzeria is like a "war zone." He adds, “I can see kids 14 through 18 coming in here and buying a pizza and their guns fall out."

To try to get guns off the street, he has created coupons that offer "any extra-large pizza" to customers who bring in "any gun." Dancy is working with the local police department on the guns-for-pizza exchange.

As local news station WIBC reports, the pizzeria has been open since 1980, and Dancy himself has been the victim of gun violence. He told WRTV, “Everyone of these crimes, mainly with these kids, I said, ‘If I could reach them with a pizza, I could save a life.’ I’ve got that in my heart—in my mind—that I could do it.”

No word yet on whether Dancy will be giving out free pizzas to residents of any city, county, state or country who stop in with a firearm. But considering how much attention, stateside and overseas, Dancy has gotten for his idea over the past couple of days, he may have just turned his little local pizzeria into an international destination.

(via Grub Street.)

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