Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Wife Uses Sleeping Husband's Fingerprint to Unlock His Phone, Discovers Cheating

There were no winners here.

File this under: vacation horror stories for an entire commercial flight full of people who became unwitting participants in a drunken domestic brawl that delayed their holiday in a tense instance of mid-flight chaos.

The Qatar Airways flight from Doha, Qatar was en route to Bali, Indonesia, and among the passengers on board were an Iranian married couple, traveling with a child. When the husband fell asleep, his wife used his own hand to unlock his phone, which was locked and protected with fingerprint technology. As she went through its contents, she found evidence that he was cheating on her.

Yes, she found this evidence on a sealed tube hurdling through space approximately at 35,000. And while she was reportedly drunk.

Enraged, she physically attacked her husband, according to Times of IndiaWith flight crew apparently unable to contain the in-flight fight situation, the pilot made the call to divert the aircraft to Chennai in Eastern India, and come in for an emergency landing. There, the family was booted off the plane, which continued on its journey to the holiday maker-favorite island destination.

When the woman sobered up, according to Times of India, the family took a flight to Kuala Lumpur and connected back to Doha from there.

Qatar Airways said it doesn’t comment on such cases out of respect for passengers’ privacy. 

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