Bring the Party With These Super Portable Speakers

You’ll be the party MVP when you roll in with these Bluetooth speakers.    

Imagine arriving at a party—an event you’ve been looking forward to all week, NAY, all year!—and there’s no music. This happens to me all the time. The appetizer spread is plentiful, the booze is flowing, but the conversation is at a halt, because it’s…Just. So. Quiet.

Cue, you breaking out your portable travel speaker. Where's the party? It’s in your backpack! Or your jacket pocket! Or your clutch! I’m envisioning this to be like a scene from Animal House—awkward silence and shifting eyes, 'til you bust out your speakers (Bluetooth-enabled, natch), turn on “It Ain't Me” and the rest, as they, is NC-17.

We’ve rounded up 10 super cute and powerful speaker options in a variety of price ranges that are sure to fit the bill—and save the party—for you now straight through Labor Day. (And beyond!)

JBL Splashproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

BUY FROM: Amazon, SALE $77.96 (Regularly $89.95, 13% Off!)

House of Marley Chant Mini Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

BUY FROM: Amazon, SALE $37.91

Kate Spade Confetti Portable Bluetooth Speaker

BUY FROM: Nordstrom, $60

Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker

BUY FROM: Nordstrom, $129

Beats Pill+

BUY FROM: Amazon, $199.95

Friday Afternoon Speaker

BUY FROM: Uncommon Goods, $39.95

Bluetooth Speaker String Lights

BUY FROM: Urban Outfitters, SALE $40 (Regularly $50 20% Off!)

Marshall Stockwell Portable Bluetooth Speaker

BUY FROM: Amazon, $219.95

InnoFlask Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker with Travel Case

BUY FROM: Amazon, SALE $49.95 (Regularly $129.95, 62% Off!)

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