Masochist Trolls Device Addicts in the Airport (And You Know the Prank Would Have Worked on You, Too)

Harsh, bro.

If you've learned anything at this point in your life, you know ABC. Of course, we mean "always be charging."

This is especially true when you're on the road, and watching your device battery icon tick woefully down from vibrant green, to panic-inducing red, and your options to charge may be few and far between.

That's just the vulnerable state a prankster (with some time on his hands) saw an opportunity to exploit. Twitter User @JustBasicDave, who was spending time in Miami International Airport waiting for his flight to London, had premeditated a plan to have a little fun in the airport: He stalked the terminal pasting stickers he'd brought that appeared to be outlets on walls and other surfaces. So imagine the shock! horror! first-world devastation! when folks approached the seemingly plentiful outlets to juice up their devices with sweet, sweet power... only to find they were fake.

Waiting for his first victim...

Nailed it.

Turns out it will only cost you a few bucks to be as cruel as @JustBasicDave, who shared his secret in the form of a link to buy the stickers on Amazon.

But you're not that kind of person. (Are you? We don't even know you anymore.)

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