Premature Baby Hippo is Totally Killing It, Thanks to Some Pool Noodles

She’s gonna be standing in no time!

Last Tuesday, a baby hippo was born at the Cincinnati Zoo six weeks early. Too weak to stand or even take a bottle, the adorable little chunkster, still unnamed, requires round-the-clock care and assistance.

Over the weekend, the Cincinnati Zoo blog shared an update on the calf’s progress, and it was nothing short of fantastic news. With the help of some pool noodles (!!!), the calf is now able to stand upright in water. It’s not only inspiring—yassssss girl! you can do it!—but also unequivocally endearing. (How have baby hippos not gotten their due as one of nature’s most underrated cute creatures?)

The calf is apparently able to stand now without the assistance of those familiar foam tubes, but the visual—noods included—is a sight not to be missed. We never thought we’d have reason to write the following sentence, but truly: ain’t no party like a hippo pool party.

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