Prince Harry, Ever the Turtle Enthusiast, Releases Babies into the Caribbean

Ramona’s not the only one who loves Turtle Time!

Turtle Time is a most special time in the Caribbean.

For Ramona Singer, it means getting a little tipsy, swirling her glass of Pinot Grigio, and trying to convince other housewives to keep the party going at a bar called Fat Turtle.

But for Prince Harry, it means getting down on hands and knees on Nevis island and trying to convince insanely cute, microscopic turtles to crawl into the ocean.

Harry was volunteering with The Nevis Turtle Group’s Sea Turtle Conservation Program, an initiative dedicated to the development of local sea turtles, with a focus on protection for present and future generations. 

There are three species of sea turtles on the shores of Nevis: the Hawksbill, the Leatherback, and the Green. All are considered endangered or critically endangered, and The Nevis Turtle Group relies on donations and volunteers to keep their subjects safe.

We salute Prince Harry for dedicating his time to helping The Nevis Turtle Group—and more importantly, helping to raise awareness about the effort. 

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