Puppies in Pajamas Are Totally Ready to Snuggle Up with You in Bed


Not too long ago, we highlighted the Instagram phenomenon of hashtag Goats in Pajamas. While we were surprised to hear that they were so common, we announced that we weren’t even mad about it, and we stand by our statement.


Goats in pajamas might have a little competition. ‘Cause hashtag Puppies in Pajamas are here, and while they are a decidedly more basic species, they are also categorically more cuddly. (It’s also far more likely that you have a dog than a goat, so if you wanted to turn your pupper into a pajama-wearer and use the hashtag yourself, it wouldn’t be too hard.)

Without futher ado, our favorite #PuppiesInPajamas.

Gees what a week! I'm pooped. But I've gotta man up and help dad move tomorrow! Better get my rest in first 😴🐶

A post shared by Donny the 'Teddy Bear' Morkie (@donny.bear) on

#puppiesinpajamas #adoptme #rescuedogsofinstagram

A post shared by Ashley Holbrook (@lolas.puppies) on

#weenywednesday #puppiesinpajamas

A post shared by Lizzie (@misselizabeth18) on

I'm ready for bed it was a doozy of a day!#puppiesinpajamas #husky #puppy @pupsinpajamas

A post shared by Siberian Husky 🐶 (@huskygirlecho) on

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