Six-Week-Old Puppy Abandoned at Airport Gets Loving Home, And We Can Breathe Again

We needed a happy ending.

Last week, an adorable six-week-old puppy was abandoned by some presumably monstrous person at the Dublin Airport. The sweet baby animal was discovered in a plastic container in the multi-story airport parking garage near the airport's Terminal 1, and turned into the lost and found. The airport searched to find the dog's owner, but no dice. And that tragic tale is not acceptable for a Christmas week already filled with bad news around the world.

So allow us to turn it around: On Monday, the little dude was adopted by a kind human who works as a member of the airport's security squad. Humanity redeemed!

The local vet who treated the dog after he was found suggested that given his young age, the puppy should go to a home that already had another dog. The airport security staff member had a home that fit the bill. He renamed the pup Milo from its previous name of Sneachta. Milo is now happily ensconced in his forever home with his new human and animal fam.

"We were overwhelmed with offers on social media from many members of the public offering to take Sneachta," said Dublin Airport spokeswoman Siobhan O'Donnell in a statement. "We also received a number of blankets and toys for him, and these have gone with Milo to his new home. We would like to thank everyone for their concern in relation to Sneachta/Milo and also for their generosity in offering to rehome him."

See? It really is a wonderful life after all.

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