The “Puppy Photoshoot” is Poised to Become THE Hot New Pet Trend

Babies out, puppies IN.

If you are a new parent—or know any new parents at all—you are most likely familiar with the phenomenon of the professional newborn photoshoot. A photographer comes to your house (or hospital room, if you’re insane) a day or so after the birth, swaths your baby in muslin and headdresses, then takes a million photos of your newborn looking like a fancy potato. (We blame Anne Geddes for this ridiculous ritual.)

But y’know what improves upon this tradition? Swapping that baby for a puppy, as one brilliant dog mom recently did. J. Annabella Images snapped these images of 7-week-old Walnut, and we are suddenly TOTALLY ON BOARD with newborn (animal) photoshoots.

We're calling it now: This is the hot new trend in pet adoption.

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