Beagle Breaks Guinness Record for Jumping Rope… What Did YOU Do Today?

This dog makes mere mortals out of all of us.

We’ve been doing a lot of T25 lately and we are here to tell you: jumping rope is sneaky-hard. It all seems like playground fun’n’games until you realize you’re sweating buckets and your heart rate is nearing 190 and you’re worried you might die.

So yeah, we are pretty impressed with this beagle named Purin who just broke the Guinness Record for “Most Skips by a Dog and a Person in One Minute (Single Rope).” Purin and her owner Makoto Kumagai (both of Japan) held the 2016 record with 51 jumps—but GUESS WHAT, suckers? It’s 2017 now and they just demolished their numbers by raising the stakes to 58 skips—what is almost one skip per second!

But Purin is no one-trick puppy. (Literally.) She also owns the standing record for Most Balls Caught by a Dog with the Paws in One Minute, with 14 mini soccer balls in 2015.

And she also dominated the competition for the 2016 record of Fastest 10M Travelled on a Ball By a Dog: 11.90 seconds.

Congratulations Purin, and thank you for the #fitspo!

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