This U.S. Restaurant is Celebrating the Queen's 90th Birthday with a $90,000 Dessert

Even if you'll never be a royal, this OTT chocolate masterpiece just might be the next best thing.

The British won’t be the only ones celebrating Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday on April 21. Posh New Orleans hotel Windsor Court is getting in on the fun by offering a dessert with a royal price tag. How much? $90,000.

The dessert (pictured above) involves a big slice of dark-chocolate fondant cake, encrusted with edible 24-karat gold and topped with a Cristal Champagne sauce infused with raspberries and passion fruit. It's also garnished with gold-dusted berries and golden-chocolate crunch. Does it sound decadent and glitzy and one-of-a-kind? Sure. Does it sound like it's worth $90K? Not quite... but oh, we left out one tiny detail. In a nod to Queen Victoria's Crown Jewels, the sweet masterpiece is topped with a 3.95-carat ruby and diamond ring from MS Rau Antiques.

While you work up the nerve to spring for it, mosey up to the bar and order The Queen’s Prerogative cocktail (above). A twist on her regular lunchtime drink of Dubonnet (a sweet French wine aperitif) and gin, this cocktail combines the two, along with bitters and an orange peel garnish.

And who knows, that chocolate cake just might have some takers before it disappears off the menu. Guests like Beyonce and Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake, Halle Berry and Oprah Winfrey have all come through the Windsor Court's doors, and you never know which high-roller might saunter in just in time to toast Her Majesty. The Queen's birthday dessert and drink specials are available April 21 through the end of summer.


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