It's Friday: Why Not Enjoy the Fluffy Underbellies of Rabbits?

We knew they were fluffy but we didn't know JUST HOW FLUFFY!

We often talk about how the Japanese are light-years ahead of us in terms of animal innovations (see: Cardboard Chihuahua, Domino’s Pizza Reindeer Delivery). But now it appears that the Germans are showing us up too.

Under-Rabbits is a photo project from the German team Underlook that exposes the snuggability of animals from whole new perspective: their underbellies.

Cuddly though they may be, rabbits are not typically known for laying on their backs and letting us scratch their stomachs. But if we have our druthers, that’s all about to change.

The team has also published collections of Under-cats and Under-dogs and Under-horses (these people have really committed to the bit). And though Under-rabbits is currently just a photo series, but we predict it will be a coffee table book one day soon.

In the meantime, we’ll be trying to learn German and teach rabbits how to roll over.

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