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Raccoon Grew Up With a Dog BFF, So Now He’s as Playful as a Puppy

Okay, how do we get a pet raccoon dog?

We’re not exactly sure how Rocket the Raccoon became a domesticated pet. His Instagram and YouTube accounts reveal nothing, and his alleged website,, 404s. What we do know is that he’s been around for about one year, and in that time he has grown from a tiny little raccoon kit into a full-blown dog impersonator.

Rocket just shared a brand-new video of himself palling around with his best dog friend, a Catahoula named Stryker. Apparently, the duo has been inseparable since Rocket first joined the family, and Rocket has spent so much time around his pupper friend that he’s adopted a dog’s lifestyle. From playing to snacking to splashing in a kiddie pool, these unusual BFFs are what the kids would call “goals.”

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