These Rainbow Bagels Will Make Everything That Happens Today Totally Okay

Three words: Breakfast of champions.

A bakery in Brooklyn is giving new meaning to the Everything Bagel. We used to think those sesame-onion-garlic-poppyseed-covered Everything Bagels were the greatest breakfast carb-bomb ever, but that was before the dawn of the rainbow bagel at the Bagel Store. Why eat a bagel that's just a pasty-white color when you can eat one that's green, purple, pink, red and yellow? Duh. Case closed.

And yes, if you don't live in Brooklyn, you can have them shippedย for the non-low price of $47 a dozenโ€”plus shipping. You can also order a dozen Super Bowl-themed bagels in Panthers and Broncos team colors. Your Super Bowl party-planning is officially done.

Is the Internet going completely insane over this? The answer is yes. Um, who would've guessed?

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