Psychedelic Breakfasts and Swedish Meatballs: The Week in Important Food News

Been too slammed to catch the earth-shattering news of the week? We've got your back.

Gorge on the most exciting (and caloric) food headlines of the past seven days, ICYMI:

•A new triangle-shaped restaurant specializing in tri-tip beef opened in California; it's called Just The Tip. [Fresno Bee]

• Oreo was crazy-busy this week, debuting a Filled Cupcake variety and giving away secrets from the mysterious Oreo Wonder Vault in NYC. [The Consumerist/Adweek]

• Mission Chinese Food's chef Danny Bowien appeared on Charlie Rose to discuss the differences between Chinese food in the U.S. and China. [YouTube]

• IKEA is beefing (and, um, chickening?) up their restaurants with more meatballs. [Washington Post]

• A rainbow bagel caused general mayhem, and the same Brooklyn bakery debuted Panthers and Broncos bagels. [The Bagel Store]

• Burger King's new Extra Long Buttery Cheeseburger and Dr. Pepper Shake are here. [Time]

• Who knew? Your cast-iron pan is perfect to use as a pizza stone. [Lifehacker]

• Inflation alert! Subway's $5 footlongs are now $6! [Grub Street]

• Ben & Jerry's has gone non-dairy with four new vegan flavors made with almond milk. [BuzzFeed]

• McDonald's is swapping toys for books in new Happy Meals. [Los Angeles Times]

• Surf and turf: Pizza Hut in China is putting lobsters on top of pizza. [Foodbeast]



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