Meet the Real Shelter Dogs of Michigan!

Move over Eminem, Michigan’s new celebrities are right here!

Just as the Bravo fairy has brought us a new season of The Real Housewives of Orange County, so we bring you a new installment of The Real Shelter Dogs. These sweet pups hail to us from Ann Arbor, Michigan’s Humane Society of Huron Valley. It is an award-winning, no-kill shelter that saves thousands of abused, injured and homeless animals every year thanks to adopters, volunteers and donors. HSHV hosts many community events, such as Pets & Pajamas where kids can watch an animal-themed movie with adorable shelter dogs in sleeping bags and pajamas. (To clarify, the kids are in PJS, not the dogs, although…note to HSHV, we would pay top dollar to hang out with puppies in pajamas!)

While we can only imagine how sweet a dog slumber party may be, the next best thing is getting to know these delightful doggos, complete with opening credits-worthy taglines!


“I may have two different colored eyes, but I'm not two-faced.” - Baloo

Baloo is HSHV’s longest stay animal; he’s been under our care for over 2 ½ years. (Sniff!) Wethink Baloo is a pit bull terrier mix, but we know he’s adorable as all get out. He’s also a 68 pound cuddle bug and wonderful walking companion. Though he’s 10 years old, Baloo has an innocence and sweetness of a young pup. Baloo’s face is asymmetrical, which could have been due to trauma when he was young.


“If I want your snuggles, I’ll give them to you.” - Diva

Diva is a 7-year-old, 32-pound American Eskimo mix. She’s smart and perky and loves cuddling with adults, playing with other pups—or plushy toys—and eating whatever you give her (she’s not picky… and thus, is a little pudgy!). Diva’s a bit timid when coming across new things and new people, so she’ll need someone who’ll take a little time and be patient in helping her adjust.


“I’m living the American Dream, one walk around the block at a time.” - Lucetta

Lucetta is a 7-year-old Coonhound mix. Arooo! We call her the “socialite opera singer” who specializes in hounddog sounds. In addition to working out her vocal cords, she loves to work out her body; exercise is her thing—walking, running and sniffing—you name it! And if you already have another dog, Lucetta could make a great companion. She’s housetrained and knows sit, sit pretty, shake and lie down—and would love to learn more.


“I may be a wallflower, but get to know me and I’ll bloom.” - Emma

Emma is a 5-year-old Boxer mix. She’s a wallflower—timid, thoughtful and soulful (look at those eyes!). At 65 pounds, she’s a gentle mid-sized-giant. If you let her get to know you (and woo you with the cutest butt wiggle you’ve ever seen), we’re sure you’ll be smitten as we are—and you’ll be rewarded with her gentle playfulness. Adding to her charm, Emma has met other (little tiny Chihuahua) dogs, and loves them—and they love her!


“I go big or go home and I am not going home, unless it’s in your car.” - Tank

Tank is a 2½-year-old pit bull terrier mix—and a total HSHV volunteer favorite. He loves car rides (he has been on breaks with volunteers to Lowe’s and Starbucks), other dogs, people, and action! Tank has been working on his manners to great success. He’s been on walks and has met lots of people in the community has been quite the gentleman. He gets along with other dogs just great. And he met a bunch of older kids in our Camp PAWS program, and he greeted them all very politely. But with cats… he likes them a little TOO much, if you know what we mean. So we have requested that Tank get a feline-free home.


“I’m pint-sized, bright-eyed and quite a prize!” - Skittles

Skittles is a teeny tiny 5½-pound, 5-year-old pup—perhaps a Yorkie/Chihuahua mix. She’s a “professional lap dog,” a cuddler extraordinaire, and she’d love to be your only baby—being held and carried are her thing (i.e., have a baby sling? We can envision Skittles being very happy there. Perhaps your very own Giggy!) She’ll bond with you quickly. She’s potty trained and she’ll go outside or on a puppy pad. She’s super playful with people—though other dogs, super loud noises and sudden movements she finds scary—and why not? She’s only 5 pounds! Skittles also digs peanut butter.


Please visit and contact adoptions specialists at or 734-662-5585 if you want to make one of these pups your fur-ever best friend!

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