Meet the Real Shelter Dogs of California!

These dogs will make you wanna go all Vicki Gunvalson and yell “Woohoo!”

We’ve got the (D)O.G.s of the O.C. in our latest installment of The Real Shelter Dogs. 4Life Animal Rescue is a charitable organization that focuses on saving the lives of orphaned animals in the Orange County area. In addition to promoting adoption, education, and animal rehabilitation services, the organization offers services that help families with economic difficulties keep their pets. As implied by the name, 4Life Animals doesn’t only cater to dogs, but includes services for cats as well. (Do we smell a spin off?!)

Without further ado, please meet the lovable Real Shelter dogs of California, complete with opening credits-worthy taglines! Can’t you just imagine these pups strolling through Coto De Caza? (On a leash, of course.) Woohoo! (If you're interested in adopting any of these puppers, please visit 4Life Animal Rescue.)


“I speak no evil, but I do sit, lie down, and roll over.” - Monti

This hunk loves car rides and going out for his daily adventure! Monti is well-trained, walks great on a leash, and knows his basic commands.


“The only title I’d trade Princess for, is Your Pet.” - Princess Buttercup

Princess Buttercup is a sweet and dainty little lady. She is a bit coy with new people, but once she comes out of her shell, she’ll show you what a great girl she is!


“Seasons change, but a Good Dog never goes out of style.” - Radley

If you are looking for a loyal companion who is sweet, attentive, and will always stay by your side, Radley is your boy. His handsome looks and gentle spirit win people over at first glance.


“I’m an expert on luxury, and I can always spot the perfect sunny patch to lay down in.” - Riley

Riley is a sweet and loving girl who loves to cuddle and give her humans kisses. She loves bike rides and hiking but is also a couch potato who absolutely loves lying in the yard sunbathing.


“If at fetch you don’t succeed, try it my way.” - Truffles

She loves walks, but her favorite thing in the world is FETCH!!! She can play fetch like no other and you've never seen a dog smile this big or be happier than watching Truffles with a ball!


“When life gives you stuffed toys, put nine in a bowl!” - Peaches

Peaches is a young pup who is playful, bouncy, and very happy...and she loves to run! This smart and eager-to-please puppy has a morning routine of "zoomies" all around the yard. She also loves chewing on bully sticks, chasing her ball, licking peanut butter out of her Kong, and carrying her stuffed toys around all over the house (those are her "babies" and she takes very good care of them!).


Visit 4Life Animal Rescue for more information about the organization and to learn how you to adopt one of these cute pups or another one of their furry friends!

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