14 Pet Tattoos That Are So Realistic You Won’t Believe They’re Not Photographs

Sorry but in what world are these tattoos?


There are many special ways to honor a pet. While our favorite is probably the Companion Collection watch (which makes a band and bezel out of your pet’s fur), no one can deny that the most permanent display of endless devotion is a tattoo.

But listen, tattoos are tricky business. You need to know exactly what you want, exactly where you want it, and you need to find an artist that can make good on your demands. You also better make sure it’s something you want on your body forever—otherwise you'll need a damn good cover-up artist (we have a recommendation if you need one).

But that won’t be a concern with these pet tattoos. First of all, the love of a pet never dies. And second of all, these tats are so unbelievably, mind-bendingly realistic that their wearers will will want to show skin even in the dead of winter in Anchorage.

Did this french bully today on Lucy. She traveled all the way from England to get tattooed by me!🙏🙏

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Cover :) #tattoo #ink #art #dog #blackandwhite #dogtattoo #spektra #spektrahalo2

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