These Sushi Burgers Are Making Us Drool All Over Again

We're mad, really mad, about this insane tuna concoction.

That sushi burger that made the rounds earlier this spring? We want one again, right now. Badly. Could be because summer is so close we can practically taste it, or because it's the middle of the week and we're craving excitement. But one thing's for sure: We can't get that rice-bun-raw-tuna thing out of her heads, especially since Food & Wine just posted @BeFatBeHappy's image of the sushi burger on Instagram, and it's killing us, in the best possibly way. As Food & Wine put it on their Instagram feed yesterday: "Sushi burgers are officially trending, and we're not mad about it."

We're not mad either; we're just being driven mad by it. This particular version is a secret menu item at New York City's Red Eye Grill, and it's made with a "bun" of white or black sushi rice, spicy tuna, yuzu aioli, watermelon radish and seaweed salad. So what if sushi purists would never order spicy tuna? And as for burger purists? They wouldn't even know where to begin.


Want more sushi burger porn? Here's Business Insider's video of how Red Eye Grill chef Jawn Chasteen makes his:

That's all. Carry on. Us? You know where we'll be.

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