Relationship Hoppers Have Behavioral Problems, Are Often Narcissists

They may not just be players, after all.

Have you ever known a person who hops from relationship to relationship, each lasting only a few months, before they break it off and move on—to a brand new person? And then the cycle repeats itself. Maybe they are looking for the one, and are dating around, but if they jump in too fast with person after person, eventually growing disappointed with everybody, there’s a problem.

New York based relationship expert Kristi Price explains that these kind of serial daters, who jump in fast and jump out fast, have one underlying factor in common. 

“The person isn’t happy with who they are themselves,” Kristin says. “They’re trying to find their happiness through other people and relationships. But you can’t find happiness from people.”

She says they treat people and relationships like some people do money—spend and spend to try to fill the hole and find happiness, which only turns out to be a superficial happiness.

“They buy more and more instead of actually being happy who they are in their own lives, they are trying to find happiness in another person,” she says, adding that it only leads to disappointment because they aren’t even aware of their own needs, so they aren’t met. 

“So, when the honeymoon stage wears off, it’s ‘oh this isn’t fun,’ and it’s person to person and they usually think it’s everyone else,” she says. “They are often narcissistic and sometimes they never realize it’s them. They say ‘something’s wrong with the person,’ it’s not everyone else.”

Kristi advises that taking a clean break form relationships for a bit can help you get to know yourself better. 

“Take a break, get out and learn a new hobby,” she says. “Start self improvement, see a therapist, find out what makes you smile. “When you start to get content in your own life then you can get into a relationship with someone else.”

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