Reza Farahan Is on a "Strict Diet," But He Can't Resist This One Guilty Pleasure Food

In fact, the #Shahs star recently doubled up on it.

Reza Farahan has been on a "strict diet" for months, losing an astonishing 40 pounds through hardcore gym workouts and revamping his eating habits. But there's one guilty pleasure food the Shahs of Sunset star still can't resist, and he recently indulged in a double portion—totally unintentionally, of course.

"I did maybe smoke a little something, and I ordered frozen yogurt from a place called Frog's in Hollywood and they deliver, and it's peanut butter almond milk frozen yogurt and it had peanut butter cups," he revealed in an exclusive interview. "I actually ordered two, one for me and one for Adam, and Adam didn't come home from work in time, so I actually ate both of them and threw all the evidence away, so he came home none the wiser."

That's the oldest trick in the book, Reza. After all, you certainly can't let that frozen yogurt go to waste. And it's the thought that counts, right?

"So frozen yogurt, definitely my guilty pleasure," he acknowledged.

Clearly, Reza hasn't be indulging too often, because he's looking pretty good. Check out his eye-opening before and after pics here.

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