#RHAwards Decision 2016 Issues: Healthcare

From plastic surgery to medical mysteries, deep dive into the Housewives' year in health. 

Healthcare: What You Need to Know

Health and wellness have always been a top priority for the Real Housewives. From Botox to lip injections to implants, our ‘Wives have yet to meet a procedure they didn’t like. One of the original taglines of #RHOC Season 1 was indeed Kimberly Bryant’s “85 percent of the women around here have had breast implants." There's also this amazing Housewives archival footage below: 

Plastic surgery: a true foundation of Housewifedom. 

But that’s not all - our Real Housewives also give us what we need make the mind and body better. Hand us some Skinny Girl bars, have Luann de Lesseps whip up some eggs ala francais, and pass on over the Vicki Gunvalson Vodka, please. Maybe Carole Radziwill can loan us Chef Adam, or  bring some hot dogs made by her private chef, to balance out all the Ramona Singer Pinot. We can always work out our Stallion and Donkey booties with the help of  and Phaedra Parks, respectively.

With healthcare comes everything from yoga lessons to Botox injections for our 'Wives - and, as always, a healthy dose of drama. 

The Decision 2016 Breakdown

Housewife Healthcare it isn’t all collagen and tummy tucks. Yes, we must examine every side of this issue this election season. And oh, were there issues with Healthcare...

It has been a year filled of medical mysteries. Perhaps one of the most iconic of our time, whether Vicki Gunvalson’s boyfriend Brooks Ayers actually had cancer still remains the topic on #RHOC. No matter what Vicki does,  is not letting it go.

Similarly, as former model Yolanda Hadid continued her battle with Lyme’s disease, the other Beverly Hills Housewives had a lot of questions starting with the letter M...Yes, Yolanda's health created the biggest drama of the season - 'Wives were thrown under the bus, accused of lying, and even brought to tears. Take a look at the beginnings of this Lyme's Disease debacle below.

Whose side of these complicated healthcare debates you land on could decide this election.

There were also moments of health improvement this year. Perhaps most memorble, there was that time was in the chryogenic freezer.

And that moment when Phaedra Parks and Porsha Williams got their booties sprayed...

The Real Housewives of Dallas lady Cary Deuber showed off  her expertise when it comes to pastic surgery - assisting her doctor hubby in the operating room, bringing boobs by Deubs to America one lucky lady at a time.

There were two instances across the tristate area of rejuvenation. Siggy Flicker entered our lives in possible the most memorable introduction to The Real Housewives of New Jersey ever:

As for Sonja Morgan’s rejunvenation....we’ll let her procedure speak for itself...


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