#RHAwards Decision 2016 Issues: Job Creation

Learn how our Housewives are keeping America Real, one job at a time. 

Job Creation: What You Need to Know

What would our Housewives be without the interns, butlers, and other crucial members of their employ?  Where would we be?! We mean, the entire reason we have Vanderpump Rules in our lives is ’s amazing ability to staff only the most magical West Hollywood bartenders and SURvers. And the ones most likely to get butt tattoos in Vegas.

But the job creation doesn’t stop there, Housewives have been supporting the economy for years. Vicki Gunvalson has supplied countless jobs – and botox injections – manning Coto Insurance.  Assitants abound in the Real Housewives world and never fail to perform. Like when Mama Joyce tried to attack Kandi Burruss’s friend/assistatnt with her shoe...We could never forget the legendary interns who help our ‘Wives do anything from sharpie Chanel to light abundance candles for Sonja Morgan.

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We miss you Pickles!

Yes, from their businesses to their homes, our ‘Wives are always making America Real again, one job at a time.

The Decision 2016 Breakdown

Lady Morgan did her part by borrowing her brother-in-law’s butler for a night of glamour and very large napkins.  More dinner parties and more butlers we say!

Note: the subtitle. 

This year we met Katie Rost’s Nanny May, who isn’t afraid to tell Katie like it is – from her skirt being too short, to how hot she doesn’t find her, to what she really thinks about her Katie's partying...

Lady bosses abounded this year in our Real Housewifedom with Melissa Gorga running Envy, despite Joe Gorga’s desire for her to stay home, to Gizelle Bryant starting her own make-up line, Every Hue.

Bethenny Frankel's life seemed literally depend on her driver Kevin this year, who not only got her form place to place, but supported her during her health scare.

Another presidential nominee, Kandi Burruss, provided a whole gang of old ladies job security by moving forward with the OLG restaurant. Kandi knows small business are key to Housewife America's future, and we can't wait to see what that future tastes like.

Perhaps the most significant contribution to our nation's job market is Erika Girardi's amazing staff: the men behind Erika Jayne. We don't want to live in an America where Erika isn't patting the puss or picking out her next "see you next Tuesday" outfit. 

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