Richard Branson Says America’s Coolest Airline Got “Castrated” and Now it's Going to Suck

But how does the billionaire really feel?

Alaska Airlines announced earlier this year that it would kill off the Virgin America brand it acquired for $2.6 billion by 2019, a move that Virgin founder Richard Branson finds quite disappointing. Only he expressed his opinions about it in somewhat more colorful language.

"I think Alaska is very foolish to just absorb it," Branson said on CNBC's Squawk Box. "Watch this space… I don't normally take these things lying down."

He wouldn't say whether his future plans include creating a new commercial airline; he's still full steam ahead with the world's first commercial spaceline Virgin Galactic. But in the meantime, he's not mincing words about what he thinks the brand has and will become.

"Big companies often do this: They buy something because it's doing so well, and then they castrate it," he said.

Fans aren't happy about their favorite airline — a bastion of cool in a sea of steerage-like conditions — going away, either.

Begging note to Alaska Airlines: Pretty please, just preserve Virgin's famous pie button, but use it to deliver actual pie to the passengers' seat.

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