Want to See Some Otters Turn Their Bodies Into Sleds and Glide Through the Snow?

We would like to be otters now, thanks.

If your moms are anything like our moms, they’re obsessed with otters. So when we showed them this video, they were all, “That’s so cute! Are you gonna post that to your Bravo TV animals website?” Um, obvs.

Upstate New York has received a bounty of snow, and the Buffalo Zoo animals (Arctic and otherwise) are enjoying every second of it. If you’ve ever wondered how river otters react to snow, they streamline their bodies the same way they do in the water—but on land, they become eerily snake-like. Serpentine appearance aside, they use their bodies as sleds to glide around and surf the snow—it all looks like a damn good time, to be honest.

And when the river otters aren’t sledding, they’re enjoying other humanesque activities, like making snow angels and batting around snowballs.

While it’s not a competition, we think that these snow otters are having even more fun than that giant panda who destroyed the snowman the other day. Either way, HOW ARE OTTERS SO CUTE?! (Are we turning into our moms?) (Yes.)

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