Elderly Goldfish Gets New Lease on Life with the Help of a Bikini and a Wine Cork

We’re not crying at a goldfish video, YOU ARE!

We’re not sure what kind of sorcery keeps a common household goldfish living for 23 years (!), but we do know that when you’ve got a wizard-fish on your hands, you want to keep it as happy and healthy as possible.

23-year-old Sally the goldfish had been struggling to swim, halfheartedly lugging her body around the bottom of her tank. Finding the whole thing pretty damn heartbreaking, Sally’s owner’s boyfriend, Aiden Cramer, decided to engineer a faux-fin for the fish.

Using a piece of old bikini and a wine cork, Aiden successfully outfitted Sally with her own personal lifejacket, and—ta-da!—she is happily swimming again! Now that’s magic.

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