This Ice Cream Flight Is the Most Decadent Way to Indulge Your Scoop Addiction

Because it's cruel to have to choose just one flavor of ice cream, or two, or even three.

Do you always struggle to pick just one or two flavors of ice cream? Sure, you can choose as many as you want at the ice cream shop, but good luck balancing multiple scoops on a flimsy little cone—or eating them from one bowl without mixing them all up into a big mess. Artisanal ice cream shop Salt & Straw is going to solve that problem for you with its new Tasting Flights. Founded in Portland (with two locations in Los Angeles too, and two more on the way in Southern California), Salt & Straw uses local ingredients from each region to make sophisticated flavors (like honey lavender or Arbequina olive oil) as well as nostalgic ones (like the Pots of Gold & Rainbows, made with cream-soaked Lucky Charms cereal).

You can order your usual cone or cup at one of the scoop shops, of course—but now, you can also go big with a Tasting Flight of four scoops. And don't worry, if choosing four flavors is still a grueling challenge, you can try plenty of samples at the counter before locking down the Final Four. 

If you can't make it way out west, you can still dig into your own Salt & Straw tasting flights at home by joining the Seasonal Pints Club, which ships five pints every 30 days for $65 a month.

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