You're Sprinkling Your Salt All Wrong: Let #SaltBae Show You How to Do it Right


Too often, online articles try to tell you that you’ve been doing something totally simple the totally wrong way for your entire life: slicing avocados, cracking an egg, even holding a cup of coffee. (Ok, so, we’re not entirely innocent ourselves.)

But when we tell you that one man has finally achieved the perfect form, posture, and, dare we say swag, for salting food, there is absolutely no trace of hyperbole in our words. This is it. The apex of salt.

That man is Nusret Gökçe, a chef and restaurateur in Turkey and Dubai who Food and Wine reports has taken the world (read: the Internet) by storm thanks to his avant-garde method of adding salt to his food. Here’s what we’re talking about:

The gif has gone viral, earning him the much-easier-to-tag pseudonym: #SaltBae.

If you dig around his Instagram profile a bit you’ll find that #SaltBae is a pretty unusual character in his own right, and his panache for salting and for trimming goatees is far from the most interesting thing about him.

But regardless, people are drawn to his salting most of all, and can’t stop using his image to add a little seasoning to their own social posts. Here’s a small sampling of what we mean:

Thank you, #SaltBae, for this wonderful gift. The sodium game will never be the same.

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