Meet Samurai Gourmet, Your Next Netflix-and-Chill Obsession

You've never seen food porn like this before.

Spoiler: If food porn is your fetish, you're going to want to spend some solid private time with Samurai Gourmet, an original series debuting on Netflix on March 17.

A live action version of a fictional Japanese manga (comic) called Manga Nobushi-no-Gourmet, the series centers on Takeshi Kasumi (played by Naoto Takenaka), a recently retired businessman who discovers that the quest for amazing food not only makes him feel alive, it ignites a dashing younger persona inside of him known as the Wandering Samurai.

As Takeshi embarks on dream sequence-like food adventures for his post-retirement pastime, he's essentially eating for two.

Takenaka, a popular actor in Japan who has also overdubbed movie roles for American stars like Val Kilmer, George Clooney, and Samuel L. Jackson, is an incredibly charming lead, even if you're stuck reading the subtitles. As he relishes the food and drink featured in each episode—whether a traditional Japanese breakfast of dried mackerel, a journeyman's Italian lunch, or a simple beer at lunch time—his strong sense of memory and nostalgia, as well as his extreme pleasure, is a delight to watch. It's rare to see even a cooking show with so much emphasis on the sounds as well as the sights behind preparing and eating food, and the combination is intoxicating.

There are only 12 episodes, so you might want to ration them out over several Netflix-and-chill sessions. The only problem is that the show inspires some seriously decadent binging, so you'll need the will of a samurai to resist.

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